Are you ok with your chin dildo

Tips: want to know your ” chin dildo” size and function is not normal, the most suitable for your love love posture is what?
Smart woman not only understand the man’s body, more in bed to read the voice of men, so that they from the bottom of my  chin dildo, grateful to your intimate and good people, and thus lying down in your pomegranate skirt unwavering.
1, with the eyes of teaser
Experienced women often tell you, with the eyes of teaser: with a strong, gentle, and fantastic eyes straight look at his  chin dildo, he will feel your power, melt under your charm. Of course, while the man ecstasy at the same time, you will be from the inside out of the happy, enjoy the passion by you provoke pleasure.
2, put on clothes and then do
Do not doubt that at least wear a dress. Men feel the woman wearing clothes, there is a special wild, a sense of excitement. Clothes soft touch, irregularly shaking the friction of your body, is their love when enjoying the chin dildo.
3, make good use of your hair.
For men, your hair has a special magic, may wish to learn to let him lie down, and then gently tease his body with his hair, he will feel wandering in another virtual chin dildo.
3, love his baby.
In fact, the bottom of the baby is the most sensitive area of ​​men, you just need to change the grip, let your fingers down tease his sensitive area, surrounded by his heart warmly surrounded his baby, he will immediately for your loss of chin dildo. Then you are the time to enjoy it.
4, search his sexy belt.
With your fingers gently groan his body, to find out his every sexy band, and then mouth to tease those areas, this provocative game, no one can resist. Silently to lure him, what is more than a non-speaking, no clothes, women are more reverie chin dildo?

5, send chin dildo a souvenir
A scratches, bite marks or sexy hidden kiss marks, let him see things think people, always think of your day’s breathtaking attitude. Or bite his lower lips, so that the next day tingling, from time to time reminded him of your breathing, climax, or you can also be around him, leaving you little things, such as a lovely Small pants, etc., which will let you occupy his mind all day long.


Does using sex toys can improve your relationship.

Two personal feelings up to a certain extent will become lovers, most couples want to each other is only the other half in determining the relationship between the time, this time will find ways to enhance their relationships, but the relationship between two people once the bottleneck after you don’t know how to do, here we look at how to do (using sex toys) the next couple can enhance feelings.

Learn to express gratitude
Do not think that is an old married couple would not need to be so polite, but I think the behavior of the highest EQ is even in the face of the people closest to you, also need to maintain sufficient patience and respect in marriage, we must learn to express their gratitude, do not mean your praise of love, which for each other it is also a sweet experience, also can using sex toys.

In recent years, is undoubtedly the biggest killer of marriage law relationship, to resolve law between embarrassment, we must learn to treat each other ordinary parents, treat your partner like his family as family, harmonious and warm family to nurture the romantic marriage. Marriage does not mean that two people must be what things all together, everyone should have their own independent personality in social circles, using sex toys often because of independence in order to better highlight the charm, two couples should have their own independent social circle.

Make surprise
A good marriage is often destroyed by the plain, rice tea daily necessaries life will inevitably make people feel tired, so we should try to make a difference, to create some surprises out. But excessive sexual intercourse will cause the body to withstand the load, friends must follow, the pursuit of high quality sex using sex toys is better than quantity. A good relationship is both sides need to work together to maintain, so no matter who must learn to pay in marriage, but not all, know how to pay to harvest.

5 tips of using sex toys.

Everyone knows that the perfect sex life can be achieved through a variety of new tricks. Can be a different skill, location, posture, role play, products (different styles of condoms, lubricants, using sex toys)and so on. Here we summarize the following a few provocative skills, can stimulate sexual desire between men and women.

1. Pillow talk
Whether it is a man or a woman, can not stand this stimulation, especially men. This is because the ear is one of the most sensitive parts of our body, when you gently blow in his ear, then kiss his neck, and finally tell him you want. This is undoubtedly a personalized signal, provoke him unlimited passion. When you put your hand on his belt buckle, side edge with the breath, accelerate the burning passion, let him using sex toys. I believe, he will put you down turn from a guest into a host.

2. Straightforward request
Sometimes, straight out of their own requirements, will give him a different kind of feeling. On the one hand, he will feel surprised, your behavior will make such a bold surprise and excitement. On the other hand, using sex toys, express your words on the naked straightforward, let him stand, can fully arouse his sleeping desire, and the perfect sex life is not far away.

3. The dream lover in your heart
In any person’s heart, there is a standard for their loved ones, it is a perfect lover. Although this Valentine’s own imagination is not common in real life, but you can imagine, if in life is not a dream, will make you more excited? Of course, this thing is not and his wife said, otherwise, enthusiasm will be greatly against each other. The influence of using sex toys of life.

4. Using sex toys
In our lives, as long as you watch carefully, you will notice that there are a lot of things can be used on the bed, but also can get good results. If you feel that this kind of thing in life is not safe, you can also use a special gender aids. This approach is particularly suitable for women to achieve orgasm, the use of sex toys will make you two love love becomes more turbulent.

5. Sexy lingerie
The man is more sensitive to underwear, not to mention sexy underwear, but also wear out. This kind of behavior you than you give him more language temptation more exciting, let him have the vessel instantly soared, let his desire four, more longs for you. After using sex toys, you can slowly take off his underwear in his glassy eyes and ask him to take off your other clothes.

5 misunderstandings of using sex toys.

The ancients don’t using sex toys, that is the modern obscene invention? Wrong, ancient people also have these things, but modern people to carry forward. This is actually a very serious misunderstanding, the history of using sex toys will be far more than you imagine. At present, the earliest sex toys can be determined, is a German unearthed from the rock made of rods, dating back about 28000 years. Sixth Century BC Greek women, has been widely used dildos, and will use olive oil as lubricating oil. So, I am afraid there is not as we imagined so conservative, on the contrary they are enthusiastic to play smart to outsmart their wyatt.

Sex toys are a small minority, only a handful of bold and open talent will try? Wrong, the market and the scope of the application of using sex toys are unimaginable. Some people may think that sex toys is a very red heart beating things, I am afraid that only a small number of people will try it? This is not the case. Take the most common sex toy massage stick, from the historical point of view, at the beginning of twentieth Century, a man named Hamilton Beach – Americans as the first domestic patented massage stick. By 1917, the number of things in the American family had exceeded that of the toaster.

Sex toys will hurt his self-esteem, let a man be not essential? Wrong, the correct use of sex toys to better synchronize the high tide time, so that both sides are satisfied, and what is the feelings can not be replaced. There are a lot of people, even women, who worry about using sex toys, especially the massage stick. There is no evidence of a reduction in the need for women to partner. It’s very important to have a massage stick to help you reach orgasm, but it can’t replace hugs, kisses and smiles.

Can you flirt with a massage stick? In fact, many women say that the massage stick enhances their desire for a partner – a woman who has a sexual stimulation and wants more. Or just in the survey of the University of Indiana, 50% of married women using sex toys, and only about 29% of single women.

Sex toy structure is simple, nothing more than vibration, so it does not matter? Wrong, good sex toys experience better, more patterns, the most important thing is that the material is more secure, harmless to the human body. There are a lot of friends may feel a lot of using sex toys is not an eccentric motor outside set plastic shell, hundreds of thousands have the necessary? Indeed, there are a lot of cheap sex toys on the market, more than a dozen dollars will be able to get, but such a toy has a lot of shortcomings and hidden dangers.

Using sex toys should be considered a big brand reputation, whether from the functional or safe and comfortable perspective, is a better choice. Of course, even if the quality of the toys are reliable, remember to use after cleaning in time to avoid the impact of bacterial breeding.

Use delay spray, let your love restore passion and excitement.

Husband and wife sex if less original passion and excitement will make sex become more boring, so that the two sides can not afford to mention more. Sometimes even affect the feelings between husband and wife, if you feel that their sex life has not been able to find the climax and excitement? Maybe you should try delay spray.

First, relax
Ready to use delay spray. First of all, you have to understand your body, let yourself calm down, do not have to make up your mind to reach orgasm, you just relax, and take some time to carefully observe their body.
Choose a time when you can do it in private, and at a time when you are completely relaxed, such as when you go to bed at night, or when you take a bath in the bathroom.

Second, fantasy sex space
Remember what I said about sexual arousal, which is both physical and spiritual, and you have to develop your emotions. For example, some romantic reveries of love story, or fantasies and make you crazy singer or actor. Lie down and close your eyes and meditate. This kind of fantasy can relax your body and is a wonderful way to excite you. Even when you have sex with your partner, you can use this method, it is not to deceive each other, it can not be said to be unfair to him, but in the sex of a special imagination. This time can come up with the delay spray.

Then, use delay spray
In this intimate moment, do not idle hands, fingers can not touch the light light, turn around, press the finger tip, dig dig, import “means” be the most changeful, can be applied in all can imagine the sensitive zone to be developed and get on. At the same time, hug, arms, body touch the contact, also often makes the female hair up, Jiaochuan again and again, gently shaking the body.

In fact, women like romance, you can try to arrange the layout of the environment, the use of lighting and music to add a romantic atmosphere, so that women can be more easily aroused sexual desire. You can start from the music, lighting and other aspects, put some romantic love songs, can let the delay spray to play a greater effectiveness.

The types of sex toys.

Adult products: all types of sex toys

Masturbation products
There are types of sex toys for male and female, for lack of sexual partners of men and women are very good. As we have said, it is a kind of energy, and it is better to let it have a proper release.

This types of sex toys is suitable for the lack of sexual excitement, or post menopausal women. It can lubricate the vagina, reduce sexual discomfort and even pain. The lack of sexual experience, the spirit is too tight enough excitement of women is also very suitable for use, it can make it easy for women to adapt to adapt to the insertion of the penis.

The only thing in the world is the medical profession that is truly “Aphrodisiac” effect of the drug is from an extraction insect body, Hongkong called “Spanish fly”. It is the principle of action is taken after the rapid discharge through the urethra, and stimulate the urethra mucous membrane, stimulate the signal at the same time to the sexual organs, sexual desire. I found some of the continent’s sex shops selling “Aphrodisiac” is a hormone or nervous stimulant! Misuse of these drugs would harm the health of you, be careful. I personally do not approve of the use of drugs to “Aphrodisiac”, originally of pure natural instinct, if rely on drugs to maintain the “sex” is already under the choice, types of sex toys.

Local anesthetic
In all types of sex toys, “God oil” as the representative, the principle is applied to the glans penis after the local mucosal anesthesia effect reduces the sensitivity of external genital organs, so as to improve the intensity of stimulation to stimulate ejaculation (threshold), extended sexual intercourse.
This is a good treatment for patients with premature ejaculation caused by penile skin and glans mucosa. However, if premature ejaculation is due to the central nervous system disorders, the brain’s tolerance to stimulate the stimulation threshold is too low, the drug has no effect.

Reinforcing stimulus
Such as the coronary sulcus ring (coronal elastic ring, with a raised stimulus is fixed on the glans and penis coat (under) with silica gel as the material, can “increase, lengthen the penis,” more protuberant stimuli), protuberant stimuli of condoms and so on types of sex toys. Their role is to increase and strengthen the stimulation of the vagina, so that women are more likely to reach orgasm.


Does fun sex toys suit you?

A lot of people think that sex is mysterious and can not be measured, it should be a private affair between husband and wife, but people tend to come out to preach. Some women have sex with men, can not reach orgasm, experience less pleasure, so it will appeal to fun sex toys. So do men know what women like sex with fun sex toys?

The latest survey shows that 40 of women over the age of fun sex toys, the highest degree of concern, buy the highest enthusiasm, in the past did not dare to wear lingerie now become popular, easy drying up.

It is well known that fun sex toys can be used either in the presence of defects in the sexual function of a person or in the absence of sexual partners, or as an adjunct to a normal couple. Human sexuality is not only sexual intercourse or just to get orgasm, but sexual harmony and sexual satisfaction is an important part of life.

No matter what kind of sexual dysfunction or sexual problems, first of all, we should seek specialist advice, correction, under the guidance of a doctor to choose and use the right. The lack of the necessary knowledge and the correct selection of knowledge, the use of arbitrary use, the results may be more harm than good. When people because of psychological and physiological problems cannot finish sexual intercourse, should not treat in a negative attitude, nothing, can use parts of the body, with the help of outside genital drugs or with the fun sex toys to finish activity. For example, when the man can not erect the penis, sexual intercourse is not complete, then the man can use the hands, mouth, tools, etc., to provide non genital contact female sexual stimulation, so that the woman was sexually satisfied.

Some people think that all the non sexual sexual activity is abnormal, abnormal and unhealthy. Because people can use glasses, hearing aids, such as vision, hearing function is not enough, why can not help with the fun sex toys of the functional deficiencies?

Of course, fun sex toys is not a panacea, they are only a mechanical device, it can not replace people’s emotional input and psychological needs, so the establishment of a happy marriage and harmonious sexual life is still of great significance.

To find a spouse, widowed or divorced, celibate, in the absence of sexual partners, lack of normal life, fun sex toys may be a better choice to solve the way out.

Choose your suitable delay spray.

Delay spray use refers to the male external delay spray, generally referred to as delay spray. Adult products. Delay Spray and aphrodisiac products are essentially different, the product is designed for impotence impotence patients, normal people use less, because the product is not impotence drugs, health care products. The biggest difference between delay spray and impotence products is that normal people can also use the delay spray! Statistics show that: the general adult supplies are divided into two categories, such as the use of equipment and the use of oral health care category. While health care is divided into impotence, delay, increase the three class, which belongs to the class of delay spray.

A delay spray can cure premature ejaculation as everyone knows, has a complex pathogenesis of premature ejaculation (the glans overly sensitive is one), not only to cure premature ejaculation, drug therapy, with more daily eating habits. It can immediately reduce glans sensitive, but not permanently reduce glans sensitivity, that is to say, not by the long-term use of delay spray, cure premature ejaculation effect, just play a role in mitigation, and ultimately to achieve a therapeutic effect.

Two, the use of delay spray, will feel numb or burning Delay Spray mainly by reducing the sensitivity of the glans penis, to extend the time. Add delay spray drugs, alcohol, pepper and other ingredients, which will make people feel numb (seriously, and will lose the feeling) or burning pain, thereby reducing the pleasure of intercourse, the overall experience is very poor.

Actually not, with the development of science and technology, part of the traditional Chinese medicine extraction delay spray, sensitivity20 is mild, the numbness is very weak, even without any discomfort, so be sure to use pure Chinese medicine, this was not what numbing agents. Spray a little on the back of the hand with the fingers spread evenly with the tongue taste, if the tongue numb for a long time can not be eliminated quickly, it can be concluded that basically illegal addition of chemical components of anesthesia; pure Chinese medicine ingredients of the product is a natural plant fragrance, tongue first bitter feeling, then a slight tingling.

Three, the use of delay spray, just spray on the line in general, Delay Spray belongs to topical dosage forms, is sprayed in the glans can work position. But this does not mean that the only spray over the glans position. Because of this external dosage form, the drug needs to be absorbed through the skin, in order to take effect, in order to ensure the effect.

Where do you get your couples sex toys?

Every day the same orgasm let people lose pleasure, many couples are willing to use sex toys to add to the fun of life. Now on the market couples sex toys shop has a lot, and the variety is more and more complete! When you use sex toys, you never know what is the first Adult supplies! Today you brilliant history about the couples sex toys!

The founder of America’s first couples sex toys. For 40 years, she has been promoting women’s liberation, women’s sexuality and sexual health, about the vibration stick, she said. “Even if it’s just in the drawer”. According to U.S. media reports: China is launching a sexual revolution, adult supplies stores all over Beijing.

Now couples sex toys
Many kinds of tricks. But you know what? Of tools should be since the stone age, in fact, archaeologists have recently discovered a made over there in the 20 cm long male genital siltstone in Germany ancient cave, should belong to 28000 b.c.. Of course, review the evolution history of the dynamics change tool but also a very interesting thing, Chinese women in Qing Dynasty to the end of the opening angle of Mr invented a hole, and then put on the rope, tied to Mr. angle on the foot, foot drive angle sir, so as to achieve the purpose of self satisfaction, power plant can create new styles this.

1 in 45 BC, Cleopatra invented bees as power oscillator, she took the gourd balsam pear or hollowed out, and then into the vagina, with bees, bees in the cavity in the dense vibrations make Yan after sexual gratification.
2.1880 years, the advent of steam power oscillator.
With the emergence of a large number of female hysteria in the United States, the medical profession, the invention of the female vagina through the medical massage to achieve orgasm, thereby easing the social needs of the sharp rise in hysteria. All day long, the doctor was busy with massage manipulations, tired and exhausted, and George Taylor made a clumsy steam powered couples sex toys instrument.

3.1902 – Hamilton electric massager brand is the advent of the fifth categories of household appliances.
4.1968 – battery powered, couples sex toys no longer need wires, convenient travel.

The guide of blow up dolls.

Inflatable doll is a kind of imitation of a real adult sex toys, both men and women dedicated. Blow up dolls design is very humane, you can bring a very realistic feeling of love and experience. Now the use of sex dolls can not only solve the physiological needs of many single men, but also for couples to increase the fun of life. Let’s look at the design and manufacturing process of inflatable doll!

The girl doll to Japanese Doll Girl for a generic shape, vagina and mouth can open, let the male penis into the hole, friction and produce pleasure; strong male love doll with strong male shape, selling mainly for women and gay men. In twenty-first Century, the blow up dolls made with shape memory gel.

Usage method of blow up dolls
1. Open the box, take out the doll, you must find a space as large as 2 times, at least 100cm * 50cm. Good care of packaging carton everywhere, don’t, because if you want to date back to the original plant repair damaged parts when needed.
2. Plastic packaging paper removed, check whether there is any damage during handling.

3. Sent blow up dolls to the bathroom, for oil on the doll. In order to make the doll’s body soft, in the silicon picture for the Japanese entity doll, not inflatable doll glue into a kind of oil composition, it can also let the doll exudes a charming aroma. So, with the growth of time, the doll surface will be a phenomenon of oil, therefore, a week to give baby a bath oil.
4. After washes it, to give the doll body powder. With ordinary baby powder. In order to take away the oil at the same time, oil, and dirt on a piece of. After rinse, oil, powder, and then use a wet towel to the body of the powder and dirt clean. Then the doll when dry, and then rushed in a short, keep the body dry clean.

5. Dry hair, find a soft sofa or chair placed doll, in order to prevent the finger and other places of wear and tear, put on the arm stockings.
6. Ready for the blow up dolls, the erection of the penis on the condom, coated with the right amount of lubricant, choose their favorite way to make love.