Best sex toys for couples: How to using them.

My friends have not found now, as long as we open a website, there are about sexual advertising pictures, described above are Adult supplies, many friends may be asked, Adult supplies has really come into our life? Well, to best sex toys for couples, small contraceptives, sexy underwear, are Adult supplies category. So, when you buy adult supplies, there is no need to pay attention to it?

Some couples will make use of best sex toys for couples to help sex, not only to bring a different kind of sex life, but also to a certain extent, enhance the feelings of the couple. Do you know that most of the world ‘s sex toys are made in China, but do you know anything about sex toys?

What should pay attention to when buying adult products?
1, the famous brand of best sex toys for couples
Now the market has a lot of names are almost the same brand, sounds like the same, but in fact is not, so be sure to ask oh.

2, the quality of the price
As saying goes, the good stuff is not cheap, cheap goods is not good, although some high quality and inexpensive good stuff, but it is difficult to judge, so enough to buy Adult supplies must not be cheap, affordable choice is good, why?
Because best sex toys for couples than the other can go, do not make money selling it is not possible to pull the price is too low, so it is not good, ha ha, so spend more money to buy a proper good stuff, with ease is a good choice.

3, functional use
Must buy their own, can consult with the owner, you want a what kind of best sex toys for couples, can speak your mind, let the shopkeeper to introduce you, not familiar with the saying you can’t judge for yourself, we professional oh.

4, the credibility of the service
We all know this, there are problems to return, this very important question consultation, professional answer etc.. Be sure to find a warm-hearted, patient shopkeeper. Experts also warned that these fake health care products are added sildenafil, tadalafil and other ingredients, this product will be toxic side effects, especially with greater potential risk for cardiovascular patients, and may even cause sudden cardiac death, consumers must be careful to buy best sex toys for couples.

Best sex toys for couples a couple friends, you can choose according to their needs, not all of life Adult supplies need to add to the fun. However, the appropriate health with some adult supplies, can really bring a different feeling to the couple. However, it is recommended that friends must choose the quality and credibility of the protection of the brand to buy, in order to you and the health of their loved ones, we must be cautious.


How to use a vibrator first time.

How to choose your first vibrator.
If you’ve never know how to use a vibrator, get ready for a feast. A vibrator can produce a stronger stimulus than a finger, tongue, or pencil. If you’ve never had an orgasm, look for the first time with a vibrator. If you have access to orgasm in other ways, then the vibrator will give you a more intense experience. It is true that some women are not so keen on them, but most women enjoy it.
When buying the first vibrator, my advice is to do some research, and don’t be greedy for sex toys. You will not regret spending more money on a more thoughtful design, more durable power, and safer materials.

How to use a vibrator first time.
If this is your first time, take some time to “warm up” and get yourself excited. It will be very interesting! Touch your body, with your fingers touch the clitoris and labia…… In short: before starting the bang bang, let start up.
I suggest you with the use of lubricating oil, it can help to make the vibrator slipped into the vagina.
Okay, now grab your vibrator. The frequency is the lowest, the touch of clitoris. For some, it’s almost impossible to feel, and for others, it’s a strong feeling that it’s going to roll out of bed. The sensitivity of the clitoris It differs from man to man. If this minimum strength is unbearable for you, try to hold the labia, and let it not touch the clitoris, or take a towel or blanket to separate the vibrator from you, or simply to wear a pair of underpants. If you need a higher intensity, then slowly increase the frequency. All in all, you need to find a moderate frequency.

With the most comfortable place. Some people prefer the front and center of the clitoris, while others prefer indirect contact (sneaking in instead of going straight). Imagine your clitoris is a piece of delicious apple pie cut into four pieces, you have to try one by one to compare the different taste.
When you find the best strength, try different vibration modes (if any). Go through each of these patterns and find the one you like best. Although not a particular pattern will let you fly in the sky, but many people have found themselves have a preference. Of course, if you are confused about the various patterns, then use the regular pattern.
It’s fun to try different strengths and patterns, but if you’re ready for a climax, then you’re going to want to stay in the best shape. When the vibrator is in after known how to use a vibrator, put it on the clitoris. You may find that your body is slightly squirming, which is normal. Let your body respond naturally.

A long term relationship with a vibrator.
To be clear: there is no conclusive evidence that you will be addicted to it. Having said that, we should think carefully about what role do you want to play in your sex life? In other words, do you want your orgasm to come from how to use a vibrator? Your own hands? Partner’s effort? Or the above synthesis?
Some of the women’s orgasms are derived from mechanical shocks. It’s cool, just do what you want to do. But if you have experienced vaginal numbness or tingling, if you notice the clitoris sensitivity drops, or if you find no vibrator orgasm is more and more difficult, so try to keep the vibrator stop 1 to 2 weeks. These are extreme cases and are unlikely to occur, but there is still a possibility. Your body may have adapted to the vibrator, but the effect will disappear after a short pause. No need to panic!

For other women, they want their orgasms to be multiple stimuli. If you are in this case, How to use a vibrator can be moderate. If you’ve never had an orgasm without a vibrator, you might be able to try to seal the vibrator for a while and learn about other orgasms. If you are successful, try to use a vibrator for half of the time, and use your own hands in general. Moderate can!

Penis plug beginner guide.

Penis plug is popular tools for sexual experimentation, arousal and pleasure. Many men use them to enrich their sexual experience and reach new levels of sexual pleasure. These toys can be used for masturbation, sex, role-playing, medical games, and in many other ways – the only limit is your imagination. To know how to use them properly, however, you need to understand what they do and what is the best way to start using them.

A Penis Plug is literally anything that is inserted into the male urethral opening. Most men enjoy inserting a penis plug for sexual stimulation and play and others enjoy testing the boundaries of their urethra and enjoy the pain. It is advisable to use quality surgical steel penis plugs rather than some innate or other object that you may find around. As you will not be aware of what these objects are made up of or where they have been they can cause a serious health risk and in many cases may be unsafe.

There are many retailers and online merchants selling penis plug and some even sell penis plugs made out of glass or beads. Inserting glass into the urethra is just plain dangerous so we advise you never attempt to insert something like that which may shatter and cause irreparable damage or beads which may come loose and have to be surgically removed.

Recently with the advent of body safe silicone toys penis plugs are being made of this and this is a safe variation and will allow more flexibility of the penis whilst the penis plug is inserted. However steer clear of penis plugs that have plastic or silicone joined to a surgical steel plug as it may become loose after use and the plug come loose making it very difficult to remove without medical intervention.

Penis plug generally have a simple and easy to use shape, so you don’t have to think much about how to use them. However, it’s very important to go slowly and to allows your urethra to stretch naturally while the toy slides in.

For the best experience, it’s important to ensure safety (see tips below), to use clean, sanitized toys and to take your time. Don’t forget to clean both your penis plug and your body before you try to insert a plug or a sound. Ask your partner to sanitize hands or even use surgical gloves to insert the plug into your urethra.

Each man is different and each person will react differently but often correct use of a penis plug and the ultimate goal of ejaculation whilst wearing it many describe as having an orgasm from the inside out. Certainly it is a completely different experience to a regular orgasm and many men assert that wearing a penis plug whilst having conventional sex will create a harder erection and allow for a lengthier orgasm at the end.

The only way to find out if a Penis Plug is for you is to try it and the experience. No-one can adequately describe the feelings and each person will have unique twists on that.


What does it feel like using a pussy pump?

The purpose of a pussy pump is to create a vacuum over the labia and/or clitoris which will in turn make the tissue swell, encouraging more blood to flow and making the skin much more sensitive. Whether you use a pussy pump alone or with a partner, the unique sensations and gorgeously puffy appearance are sure to be a fantastic turn on.Pumping your pussy will leave it feeling ultra-sensitive and every touch, tingle and vibration will be heightened. This is perfect if you have trouble orgasm and ideal if you’re looking for something new to spice up your bedroom activities.

Why are we use pussy pump? There are a few reasons. The main ones are the “looks” and “feel”. Some people are attracted to the swollen, plump appearance of the vulva. Others enjoy the sensations, both during and afterwards when the whole area feels more sensitive to the touch. Some are looking for a “tighter vagina” sensation and there are folks who get a kick out of using pussy pumps for BDSM play. (Causing or experiencing pain, feeling vulnerable, controlled or embarrassed) and for some it is simply just a turn on to try something new and unique.

Lubricate the outside edge of the pussy pump using a water-based lube, this will help to create an air-tight seal. Ensure that the quick-release valve, located beneath the pump bulb, is closed and only allowing air out, not in. Press the pussy pump chamber against the desired area – some pumps fit over the entire vulva, others are designed for just the clit – making sure that you achieve a firm seal. Keeping one hand on the pump chamber, compress the pump bulb until you feel suction.

Release the bulb and check the seal against your skin. The pump chamber should be held in place via suction only and it should not come away from the skin unless specifically pulled. If it has not yet sealed against your skin, continue to hold it in place and keep pumping! Continue compressing and releasing the bulb of the pussy pump until you can feel and see your labia swelling in the chamber. It will feel a little strange at first, but it should not feel painful. Once your skin is pressing against the chamber, you will find it hard to pump any further – this is the maximum you will be able to pump to.

The suction effect is felt most intensely during the release of the bulb, not during the squeeze. This is important. Take it slow. Pussy pump feels a lot more intense than say, sucking with a mouth. Probably because it is covering a larger surface area and the seal is stronger. Mouths are soft, but the edge of the cup is rigid. As you progress, it can feel as though the edges are really digging in. Always go slow. Do not let porn guide you. Maybe they have super huge industrial pumps or maybe I am a wimp but either way. It doesn’t happen for me. If it doesn’t happen for you either, don’t be disappointed. It doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong.