How to get pleasure and orgasm in anal play with anal toys.

Most sex toys are pretty much “plug and play,” anal toys require a few extra steps if you want to use them safely and responsibly. Today will walk you through everything you need to know about how to use anal toys.

1.Clean Up.
Most experienced anal toys users simply wash up with water and soap beforehand. Contrary to popular opinion, fecal matter is stored in your intestines and not your anus. As long as you wipe thoroughly after using the bathroom and follow good hygiene habits, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If you’re still concerned about cleanliness, then you can always use an enema or an anal douche beforehand to make sure you’re squeaky clean.

2.Buy Some Lube.
Lube is an absolute necessity when it comes to any form of anal penetration. The anus doesn’t produce any natural lubricant, so you have to supply your own. While you could use any lube in a pinch, anal lubes are the way to go. Anal lubes are thicker and longer-lasting than regular lubes, making them much more effective when it comes to anal penetration. Some anal lubes also contain numbing agents to take the edge off your senses so you can focus more on the pleasure with anal toys.

3.Take a Deep Breath & Relax before Anal Play.
It’s natural to feel a little nervous – especially if this is your first time using an anal toys. But those nerves cause your sphincter ring to tighten up, which makes it much harder to insert your anal toy. You can relax your rear with a little gentle teasing. Lube up your little finger and sphincter. Slowly massage your sphincter ring until it starts to relax and begins to open up. Gradually insert your toys while continuing to massage it. If your ring tightens up again, stop inserting your finger and keep massaging until it opens up again.

4.Grab Your Toy
Once you’re relaxed, it’s toy time! Apply a generous amount of lube to your anal toys and your sphincter. Use the tip of the toy to gently probe in and around your sphincter ring. Slowly insert just the tip and see how it feels. If you’re comfortable with continuing, start moving the anal toy in small, gentle circles for a massaging-like sensation. Gently insert the toy deeper while continuing the circular motion. Be sure to take it slowly so your body has time to adjust. And be prepared to stop if it starts feeling uncomfortable. It’s better to play it safe than risk hurting yourself. You can always try again another day!