Problems You May Have With Adult Sex Toys.

Having a adult sex toys by your side is awesome. These buzzers help you power through dry spells and add a little something when you’re getting down with your partner.And while getting buzzed is the bomb, relying on a toy to get you off can come with a few issues.

Here are the 3 main reasons why your adult sex toys, therefore, is ruining your health:

1.You deprive your body of the stress-reducing benefits.
The bigger and better the orgasm you experience, the more cortisol gets flushed out of your system. Cortisol, if you don’t remember, is one of our body’s main stress hormones that contributes to adrenal burnout, blood sugar and that extra layer of belly fat that doesn’t seem to go away. When you skip the orgasmic plateau, you lose out on the stress-relieving, waist-slimming benefits of sex with adult sex toys!

2.You miss the benefits of nitric oxide and oxytocin.
Using a adult sex toys forces your body to bypass a large part of the Plateau and Orgasm phases, which cuts down on your exposure to oxytocin and nitric oxide. These natural chemicals provide you with better immunity, improved cervical mucus, and regular ovulation patterns.

3.You limit your orgasmic potential.
Quick vibrator-induced orgasms lengthen what we call the refractory period between orgasms. This means the sensitive nerve endings get fried by the strong adult sex toys vibrations, so you have to wait longer until you’re ready again for your next orgasm. Essentially, this means you can only have one orgasm at a time, maybe two if you’re lucky.

what are the most popular women’s sex toys?

Masturbation is preparing for adult sex female masturbation, the proportion is almost close to male, female sex toys have emerged. It should be noted that the female urethra is relatively short, so women are more likely than men to have urethral disease. So at this time the use of fun things, will reduce the incidence of diseases. What are the popular female sex toys?

Simulation penis
Is orthodox, why is it orthodox? Because this is fundamentally simulation male so-called “thingy”, the direct impact from the visual basic can be used and the movement of the piston (do not rule out a small number of products with special design and so on, the general function of G-spot stimulation) material is soft, elastic, addictive, and basically the the product has the function of vibration, vibration frequency can be adjusted, the product can also be a sucker fixed position, convenient more creative play options, this kind of female sex toy explosive climax potential, so I called for orthodox.

Not only has the basic function of the vibrators, and often regarded as flirting activities, you can use it as a relief for use, also can be used by both men and women flirt, can stimulate the Clitoris, even backyard, hand-held handle switch, will adjust to the appropriate frequency of vibration speed. A strong thrill will give you an unexpected surprise. At the same time, some product design with flash function, you can imagine the joy of sex will increase the degree? Regardless of male, female, husband and wife are ideal sex toys, at the same time the female sex toys have a stronger privacy, more easy to collect and not found.

This kind of female sex toy is a kind of special female sex toy, generally 8 to 6 inches long, and can bend. The bending design can touch any part, let you experience the special stimulation of the g-spot. Strictly speaking, the G-spot stimulator not entirely belong to the female sex toy categories, the boys also know the strange stimulus it brings in the game in the backyard, could reach the prostate! As far as the access device is concerned, it provides an entirely different kind of stimulation.

Telescopic transfer
Also known as the rotating bead rod as the expansion, combined with our G-spot stimulation, different functions, penis simulation and so on various kinds of high technology content, high cost can be described as a sex toy, head imitation dildo can swing, a small brush with stimulation of the clitoris, the ball can stimulate the G-spot, no possibility of such female sex toys for women instinctively lose the dildo outbreak.