Prolong the time of sexual love – penis sleeves.

Penis sleeves made of high-quality medical soft, comfortable, safe and reliable for human body comfort without stimulation. Excellent elastic material, close to the penis, so that blood reflux slowed, spongy muscle fibers lengthen increase, effectively extend the sex time! Humanized mute function make sex passion process private worries, either alone or with the lover is lingering, can make people immerse yourself in sexual love.

Penis sleeves main function is to extend the male sex time, its vibration function can stimulate female sensitive parts (clitoris), the use of the site is set on the male penis. Unique design, so that men more durable, let women enjoy.

What is the effect of using the delayed penis sleeves? After several users use sex, following assessment of Durex local earthquake:

1. Husband with penis sleeves to capture me, lasting felt, let us rekindle the passion. 2. After use, his wife said, after love again also cannot do without it. 3. Soft texture, super felt, for the best use of sex toys for me, it is a extraordinary experience. Of course, satisfied with his wife, his face filled with sexual feeling. 4. With new equipment privates, very little miners taste, but the head is not light, but a vibrating ring. Accompanied by a sense of shock, some excitement, more upright than usual.

A penis sleeves can be used alone, can also be used together with Durex condom. If used together with the condom, can be put on a condom and then remove the local earthquake damage, please be careful of the condom on vibration ring.

what should you do with choose a flesh light and clean it ?

How to choose a flesh light for yourself ?

During you select the flesh light, proposed you select the high quality material, safe and nontoxic one.Now a lot of plastic factory produce flesh lights by themselves, so that the flesh light’s quality is not guaranteed.We recommend that you choose a trusted brand.

How to use it?
First, the frequency of flesh light should be control by this rules: If you are 18-20 year-old, not more than 3 times a week; over the age of 20, not more than 2 times a week;over the age of 30, once a week is ok.

Over use flesh light, the body will be emptied, is very detrimental to your health, and excessive lust of the body is very difficult to recovery. The use of the flesh light, you should avoid nervous,you should be relax to use it, so that can make you feel pleasure. With your tension, fear,it maybe can cause premature ejaculation, impotence, the consequences are serious.

How to clean it?
General felsh lights are used soft silicone material, so in order to extend its life,it should not be wash by fold,this way is easy to cause damage.Just add a little shower gel to wash it with your fingers,then rinse it by water,you can find it very clean.

When it comes time to dry the thing shake out as much water as possible and then let it air dry. You can stick it in front of a fan or AC unit to help speed the process along, or you can thread a slender towel (like one of those nice microfiber cloths) through its length to wick away moisture. If you use a case for your Flesh light, leave the ends open post-washing and drying so that air will circulate and prevent any residual moisture from getting trapped.