Are you ok with your chin dildo

Tips: want to know your ” chin dildo” size and function is not normal, the most suitable for your love love posture is what?
Smart woman not only understand the man’s body, more in bed to read the voice of men, so that they from the bottom of my  chin dildo, grateful to your intimate and good people, and thus lying down in your pomegranate skirt unwavering.
1, with the eyes of teaser
Experienced women often tell you, with the eyes of teaser: with a strong, gentle, and fantastic eyes straight look at his  chin dildo, he will feel your power, melt under your charm. Of course, while the man ecstasy at the same time, you will be from the inside out of the happy, enjoy the passion by you provoke pleasure.
2, put on clothes and then do
Do not doubt that at least wear a dress. Men feel the woman wearing clothes, there is a special wild, a sense of excitement. Clothes soft touch, irregularly shaking the friction of your body, is their love when enjoying the chin dildo.
3, make good use of your hair.
For men, your hair has a special magic, may wish to learn to let him lie down, and then gently tease his body with his hair, he will feel wandering in another virtual chin dildo.
3, love his baby.
In fact, the bottom of the baby is the most sensitive area of ​​men, you just need to change the grip, let your fingers down tease his sensitive area, surrounded by his heart warmly surrounded his baby, he will immediately for your loss of chin dildo. Then you are the time to enjoy it.
4, search his sexy belt.
With your fingers gently groan his body, to find out his every sexy band, and then mouth to tease those areas, this provocative game, no one can resist. Silently to lure him, what is more than a non-speaking, no clothes, women are more reverie chin dildo?

5, send chin dildo a souvenir
A scratches, bite marks or sexy hidden kiss marks, let him see things think people, always think of your day’s breathtaking attitude. Or bite his lower lips, so that the next day tingling, from time to time reminded him of your breathing, climax, or you can also be around him, leaving you little things, such as a lovely Small pants, etc., which will let you occupy his mind all day long.


Does fun sex toys suit you?

A lot of people think that sex is mysterious and can not be measured, it should be a private affair between husband and wife, but people tend to come out to preach. Some women have sex with men, can not reach orgasm, experience less pleasure, so it will appeal to fun sex toys. So do men know what women like sex with fun sex toys?

The latest survey shows that 40 of women over the age of fun sex toys, the highest degree of concern, buy the highest enthusiasm, in the past did not dare to wear lingerie now become popular, easy drying up.

It is well known that fun sex toys can be used either in the presence of defects in the sexual function of a person or in the absence of sexual partners, or as an adjunct to a normal couple. Human sexuality is not only sexual intercourse or just to get orgasm, but sexual harmony and sexual satisfaction is an important part of life.

No matter what kind of sexual dysfunction or sexual problems, first of all, we should seek specialist advice, correction, under the guidance of a doctor to choose and use the right. The lack of the necessary knowledge and the correct selection of knowledge, the use of arbitrary use, the results may be more harm than good. When people because of psychological and physiological problems cannot finish sexual intercourse, should not treat in a negative attitude, nothing, can use parts of the body, with the help of outside genital drugs or with the fun sex toys to finish activity. For example, when the man can not erect the penis, sexual intercourse is not complete, then the man can use the hands, mouth, tools, etc., to provide non genital contact female sexual stimulation, so that the woman was sexually satisfied.

Some people think that all the non sexual sexual activity is abnormal, abnormal and unhealthy. Because people can use glasses, hearing aids, such as vision, hearing function is not enough, why can not help with the fun sex toys of the functional deficiencies?

Of course, fun sex toys is not a panacea, they are only a mechanical device, it can not replace people’s emotional input and psychological needs, so the establishment of a happy marriage and harmonious sexual life is still of great significance.

To find a spouse, widowed or divorced, celibate, in the absence of sexual partners, lack of normal life, fun sex toys may be a better choice to solve the way out.

The top 10 vibrators for women.

The aqua rabbit(top 10 vibrators)
With the water aimed at your clitoris and the curve hitting your G-Spot, this is a sex toys for any woman, single or taken.

Music vibrator(top 10 vibrators)
It also responds to any sound, be it your playlist, your partner’s voice, your voice, singing in the shower – oh did we mention it’s also waterproof. This little number, available in pink, purple and black, has an enhanced motor meaning double the power. Time to get your groove on.

Diamond vibrator(top 10 vibrators)
This sex toys is for clitoral stimulation so the focus is all on you ladies. There’s nothing like it in the sex toy industry at the moment so we had to try it.

Vibrating UFO(top 10 vibrators)
This rather odd looking sex toys called because it provides surface stimulation to you (and possibly your partner’s) whole body for an overall sensual experience.

Pink heart icicle(top 10 vibrators)
This glass crafted dildo is body safe, with a curve that’s sure to hit your G-Spot.

The double pleasure rabbit(top 10 vibrators)
It’s packed with dual action – leaving you breathless from inside out by stimulating your G-spot and your clitoris with the help of ten vibrations and wave settings.

Love bullet(top 10 vibrators)
The Love Bullet is the perfect little vibe for your drawer, handbag and everywhere else. Its amazingly powerful settings will make you weak at the knees, in a smooth ergonomic design and pointed tip gives you targeted pleasure, whether you’re alone or playing with a partner.

Butterfly kiss(top 10 vibrators)
The enlarged tip of the sex toys makes it easier than ever to find and stimulate your G-Spot for additional thrills.

We-Vibe touch(top 10 vibrators)
The We-Vibe Touch is uniquely shaped to maximize your stimulation and its effectiveness. The rounded tip applies direct stimulation wherever you touch – from your nipples down to your clit! The spoon-shaped scoop fits over your clit, surrounding it with powerful vibrations for incredibly strong orgasms. The ergonomic body of the sex toys is shaped like a wave, to fit your body’s natural curves for soothing massages from head to toe.

The teeny weeny stroker(top 10 vibrators)
This sex toys can be taken anywhere discreetly, even in the shower.


what should you do with choose a flesh light and clean it ?

How to choose a flesh light for yourself ?

During you select the flesh light, proposed you select the high quality material, safe and nontoxic one.Now a lot of plastic factory produce flesh lights by themselves, so that the flesh light’s quality is not guaranteed.We recommend that you choose a trusted brand.

How to use it?
First, the frequency of flesh light should be control by this rules: If you are 18-20 year-old, not more than 3 times a week; over the age of 20, not more than 2 times a week;over the age of 30, once a week is ok.

Over use flesh light, the body will be emptied, is very detrimental to your health, and excessive lust of the body is very difficult to recovery. The use of the flesh light, you should avoid nervous,you should be relax to use it, so that can make you feel pleasure. With your tension, fear,it maybe can cause premature ejaculation, impotence, the consequences are serious.

How to clean it?
General felsh lights are used soft silicone material, so in order to extend its life,it should not be wash by fold,this way is easy to cause damage.Just add a little shower gel to wash it with your fingers,then rinse it by water,you can find it very clean.

When it comes time to dry the thing shake out as much water as possible and then let it air dry. You can stick it in front of a fan or AC unit to help speed the process along, or you can thread a slender towel (like one of those nice microfiber cloths) through its length to wick away moisture. If you use a case for your Flesh light, leave the ends open post-washing and drying so that air will circulate and prevent any residual moisture from getting trapped.