Does using sex toys can improve your relationship.

Two personal feelings up to a certain extent will become lovers, most couples want to each other is only the other half in determining the relationship between the time, this time will find ways to enhance their relationships, but the relationship between two people once the bottleneck after you don’t know how to do, here we look at how to do (using sex toys) the next couple can enhance feelings.

Learn to express gratitude
Do not think that is an old married couple would not need to be so polite, but I think the behavior of the highest EQ is even in the face of the people closest to you, also need to maintain sufficient patience and respect in marriage, we must learn to express their gratitude, do not mean your praise of love, which for each other it is also a sweet experience, also can using sex toys.

In recent years, is undoubtedly the biggest killer of marriage law relationship, to resolve law between embarrassment, we must learn to treat each other ordinary parents, treat your partner like his family as family, harmonious and warm family to nurture the romantic marriage. Marriage does not mean that two people must be what things all together, everyone should have their own independent personality in social circles, using sex toys often because of independence in order to better highlight the charm, two couples should have their own independent social circle.

Make surprise
A good marriage is often destroyed by the plain, rice tea daily necessaries life will inevitably make people feel tired, so we should try to make a difference, to create some surprises out. But excessive sexual intercourse will cause the body to withstand the load, friends must follow, the pursuit of high quality sex using sex toys is better than quantity. A good relationship is both sides need to work together to maintain, so no matter who must learn to pay in marriage, but not all, know how to pay to harvest.

5 tips of using sex toys.

Everyone knows that the perfect sex life can be achieved through a variety of new tricks. Can be a different skill, location, posture, role play, products (different styles of condoms, lubricants, using sex toys)and so on. Here we summarize the following a few provocative skills, can stimulate sexual desire between men and women.

1. Pillow talk
Whether it is a man or a woman, can not stand this stimulation, especially men. This is because the ear is one of the most sensitive parts of our body, when you gently blow in his ear, then kiss his neck, and finally tell him you want. This is undoubtedly a personalized signal, provoke him unlimited passion. When you put your hand on his belt buckle, side edge with the breath, accelerate the burning passion, let him using sex toys. I believe, he will put you down turn from a guest into a host.

2. Straightforward request
Sometimes, straight out of their own requirements, will give him a different kind of feeling. On the one hand, he will feel surprised, your behavior will make such a bold surprise and excitement. On the other hand, using sex toys, express your words on the naked straightforward, let him stand, can fully arouse his sleeping desire, and the perfect sex life is not far away.

3. The dream lover in your heart
In any person’s heart, there is a standard for their loved ones, it is a perfect lover. Although this Valentine’s own imagination is not common in real life, but you can imagine, if in life is not a dream, will make you more excited? Of course, this thing is not and his wife said, otherwise, enthusiasm will be greatly against each other. The influence of using sex toys of life.

4. Using sex toys
In our lives, as long as you watch carefully, you will notice that there are a lot of things can be used on the bed, but also can get good results. If you feel that this kind of thing in life is not safe, you can also use a special gender aids. This approach is particularly suitable for women to achieve orgasm, the use of sex toys will make you two love love becomes more turbulent.

5. Sexy lingerie
The man is more sensitive to underwear, not to mention sexy underwear, but also wear out. This kind of behavior you than you give him more language temptation more exciting, let him have the vessel instantly soared, let his desire four, more longs for you. After using sex toys, you can slowly take off his underwear in his glassy eyes and ask him to take off your other clothes.

5 misunderstandings of using sex toys.

The ancients don’t using sex toys, that is the modern obscene invention? Wrong, ancient people also have these things, but modern people to carry forward. This is actually a very serious misunderstanding, the history of using sex toys will be far more than you imagine. At present, the earliest sex toys can be determined, is a German unearthed from the rock made of rods, dating back about 28000 years. Sixth Century BC Greek women, has been widely used dildos, and will use olive oil as lubricating oil. So, I am afraid there is not as we imagined so conservative, on the contrary they are enthusiastic to play smart to outsmart their wyatt.

Sex toys are a small minority, only a handful of bold and open talent will try? Wrong, the market and the scope of the application of using sex toys are unimaginable. Some people may think that sex toys is a very red heart beating things, I am afraid that only a small number of people will try it? This is not the case. Take the most common sex toy massage stick, from the historical point of view, at the beginning of twentieth Century, a man named Hamilton Beach – Americans as the first domestic patented massage stick. By 1917, the number of things in the American family had exceeded that of the toaster.

Sex toys will hurt his self-esteem, let a man be not essential? Wrong, the correct use of sex toys to better synchronize the high tide time, so that both sides are satisfied, and what is the feelings can not be replaced. There are a lot of people, even women, who worry about using sex toys, especially the massage stick. There is no evidence of a reduction in the need for women to partner. It’s very important to have a massage stick to help you reach orgasm, but it can’t replace hugs, kisses and smiles.

Can you flirt with a massage stick? In fact, many women say that the massage stick enhances their desire for a partner – a woman who has a sexual stimulation and wants more. Or just in the survey of the University of Indiana, 50% of married women using sex toys, and only about 29% of single women.

Sex toy structure is simple, nothing more than vibration, so it does not matter? Wrong, good sex toys experience better, more patterns, the most important thing is that the material is more secure, harmless to the human body. There are a lot of friends may feel a lot of using sex toys is not an eccentric motor outside set plastic shell, hundreds of thousands have the necessary? Indeed, there are a lot of cheap sex toys on the market, more than a dozen dollars will be able to get, but such a toy has a lot of shortcomings and hidden dangers.

Using sex toys should be considered a big brand reputation, whether from the functional or safe and comfortable perspective, is a better choice. Of course, even if the quality of the toys are reliable, remember to use after cleaning in time to avoid the impact of bacterial breeding.