Are you ok with your chin dildo

Tips: want to know your ” chin dildo” size and function is not normal, the most suitable for your love love posture is what?
Smart woman not only understand the man’s body, more in bed to read the voice of men, so that they from the bottom of my  chin dildo, grateful to your intimate and good people, and thus lying down in your pomegranate skirt unwavering.
1, with the eyes of teaser
Experienced women often tell you, with the eyes of teaser: with a strong, gentle, and fantastic eyes straight look at his  chin dildo, he will feel your power, melt under your charm. Of course, while the man ecstasy at the same time, you will be from the inside out of the happy, enjoy the passion by you provoke pleasure.
2, put on clothes and then do
Do not doubt that at least wear a dress. Men feel the woman wearing clothes, there is a special wild, a sense of excitement. Clothes soft touch, irregularly shaking the friction of your body, is their love when enjoying the chin dildo.
3, make good use of your hair.
For men, your hair has a special magic, may wish to learn to let him lie down, and then gently tease his body with his hair, he will feel wandering in another virtual chin dildo.
3, love his baby.
In fact, the bottom of the baby is the most sensitive area of ​​men, you just need to change the grip, let your fingers down tease his sensitive area, surrounded by his heart warmly surrounded his baby, he will immediately for your loss of chin dildo. Then you are the time to enjoy it.
4, search his sexy belt.
With your fingers gently groan his body, to find out his every sexy band, and then mouth to tease those areas, this provocative game, no one can resist. Silently to lure him, what is more than a non-speaking, no clothes, women are more reverie chin dildo?

5, send chin dildo a souvenir
A scratches, bite marks or sexy hidden kiss marks, let him see things think people, always think of your day’s breathtaking attitude. Or bite his lower lips, so that the next day tingling, from time to time reminded him of your breathing, climax, or you can also be around him, leaving you little things, such as a lovely Small pants, etc., which will let you occupy his mind all day long.