Choose your suitable delay spray.

Delay spray use refers to the male external delay spray, generally referred to as delay spray. Adult products. Delay Spray and aphrodisiac products are essentially different, the product is designed for impotence impotence patients, normal people use less, because the product is not impotence drugs, health care products. The biggest difference between delay spray and impotence products is that normal people can also use the delay spray! Statistics show that: the general adult supplies are divided into two categories, such as the use of equipment and the use of oral health care category. While health care is divided into impotence, delay, increase the three class, which belongs to the class of delay spray.

A delay spray can cure premature ejaculation as everyone knows, has a complex pathogenesis of premature ejaculation (the glans overly sensitive is one), not only to cure premature ejaculation, drug therapy, with more daily eating habits. It can immediately reduce glans sensitive, but not permanently reduce glans sensitivity, that is to say, not by the long-term use of delay spray, cure premature ejaculation effect, just play a role in mitigation, and ultimately to achieve a therapeutic effect.

Two, the use of delay spray, will feel numb or burning Delay Spray mainly by reducing the sensitivity of the glans penis, to extend the time. Add delay spray drugs, alcohol, pepper and other ingredients, which will make people feel numb (seriously, and will lose the feeling) or burning pain, thereby reducing the pleasure of intercourse, the overall experience is very poor.

Actually not, with the development of science and technology, part of the traditional Chinese medicine extraction delay spray, sensitivity20 is mild, the numbness is very weak, even without any discomfort, so be sure to use pure Chinese medicine, this was not what numbing agents. Spray a little on the back of the hand with the fingers spread evenly with the tongue taste, if the tongue numb for a long time can not be eliminated quickly, it can be concluded that basically illegal addition of chemical components of anesthesia; pure Chinese medicine ingredients of the product is a natural plant fragrance, tongue first bitter feeling, then a slight tingling.

Three, the use of delay spray, just spray on the line in general, Delay Spray belongs to topical dosage forms, is sprayed in the glans can work position. But this does not mean that the only spray over the glans position. Because of this external dosage form, the drug needs to be absorbed through the skin, in order to take effect, in order to ensure the effect.