Male masturbation toys for gay men.

Gay behavior using sex toys, can be called masturbation, also known as masturbation, you also take this behavior a lot of interesting names, such as a pistol, pile tube, aircraft, shooting, these words refers to men through a variety of ways to solve their own needs, many men is gay through these ways to vent sexual desire, men to masturbation, invented many kinds of methods, mining a lot of male masturbation toys, below together to check!

1. male vagina simulation
Simulation of the vagina with a special latex made of male masturbation toys, making realistic, feel comfortable, and with the use of lubricants, the specific method of operation I do not believe that we will know. Simulation of the vagina can bring greater pleasure to the male, but the biggest drawback is inconvenient to carry, and sometimes you need to use, it is not at hand. At this time, as long as you use your head, you will find many interesting substitutes from life, they make you feel equally true, and natural.

2. inflatable doll
Male masturbation toys inflatable doll body structure science, intelligent vibration frequency, can produce negative pressure siphon shrinkage of the vagina, with your sexual experience, causing pressure to the doll, the greater the pressure, the internal structure of the private place more tightly. The inflatable doll although the material is qualified, no harm to the human body, but is not suitable for long-term use, if a person is too dependent on the inflatable doll, satisfied with the inflatable doll, loss of interest and ability of real sex.

3. homemade male masturbation toys
With suitable caliber vessels, inside can inject some suitable water temperature, then smooth the insertion of the penis, you will feel very comfortable, need to pay attention to is not too sharp edge ware, the water temperature is not overheating, so as to avoid damage to the genitals.

4. banana
Banana is a kind of male masturbation toys, first find a big enough to hold the penis banana, outside a circle with tape wrapped up, then put in the middle of the banana flesh hollowed out with a spoon, then you can use the microwave oven or slightly hot water heating, to achieve the suitable temperature, it will be more realistic although, making a bit difficult, but I believe it will not let you down.