The guide of blow up dolls.

Inflatable doll is a kind of imitation of a real adult sex toys, both men and women dedicated. Blow up dolls design is very humane, you can bring a very realistic feeling of love and experience. Now the use of sex dolls can not only solve the physiological needs of many single men, but also for couples to increase the fun of life. Let’s look at the design and manufacturing process of inflatable doll!

The girl doll to Japanese Doll Girl for a generic shape, vagina and mouth can open, let the male penis into the hole, friction and produce pleasure; strong male love doll with strong male shape, selling mainly for women and gay men. In twenty-first Century, the blow up dolls made with shape memory gel.

Usage method of blow up dolls
1. Open the box, take out the doll, you must find a space as large as 2 times, at least 100cm * 50cm. Good care of packaging carton everywhere, don’t, because if you want to date back to the original plant repair damaged parts when needed.
2. Plastic packaging paper removed, check whether there is any damage during handling.

3. Sent blow up dolls to the bathroom, for oil on the doll. In order to make the doll’s body soft, in the silicon picture for the Japanese entity doll, not inflatable doll glue into a kind of oil composition, it can also let the doll exudes a charming aroma. So, with the growth of time, the doll surface will be a phenomenon of oil, therefore, a week to give baby a bath oil.
4. After washes it, to give the doll body powder. With ordinary baby powder. In order to take away the oil at the same time, oil, and dirt on a piece of. After rinse, oil, powder, and then use a wet towel to the body of the powder and dirt clean. Then the doll when dry, and then rushed in a short, keep the body dry clean.

5. Dry hair, find a soft sofa or chair placed doll, in order to prevent the finger and other places of wear and tear, put on the arm stockings.
6. Ready for the blow up dolls, the erection of the penis on the condom, coated with the right amount of lubricant, choose their favorite way to make love.