The types of sex toys.

Adult products: all types of sex toys

Masturbation products
There are types of sex toys for male and female, for lack of sexual partners of men and women are very good. As we have said, it is a kind of energy, and it is better to let it have a proper release.

This types of sex toys is suitable for the lack of sexual excitement, or post menopausal women. It can lubricate the vagina, reduce sexual discomfort and even pain. The lack of sexual experience, the spirit is too tight enough excitement of women is also very suitable for use, it can make it easy for women to adapt to adapt to the insertion of the penis.

The only thing in the world is the medical profession that is truly “Aphrodisiac” effect of the drug is from an extraction insect body, Hongkong called “Spanish fly”. It is the principle of action is taken after the rapid discharge through the urethra, and stimulate the urethra mucous membrane, stimulate the signal at the same time to the sexual organs, sexual desire. I found some of the continent’s sex shops selling “Aphrodisiac” is a hormone or nervous stimulant! Misuse of these drugs would harm the health of you, be careful. I personally do not approve of the use of drugs to “Aphrodisiac”, originally of pure natural instinct, if rely on drugs to maintain the “sex” is already under the choice, types of sex toys.

Local anesthetic
In all types of sex toys, “God oil” as the representative, the principle is applied to the glans penis after the local mucosal anesthesia effect reduces the sensitivity of external genital organs, so as to improve the intensity of stimulation to stimulate ejaculation (threshold), extended sexual intercourse.
This is a good treatment for patients with premature ejaculation caused by penile skin and glans mucosa. However, if premature ejaculation is due to the central nervous system disorders, the brain’s tolerance to stimulate the stimulation threshold is too low, the drug has no effect.

Reinforcing stimulus
Such as the coronary sulcus ring (coronal elastic ring, with a raised stimulus is fixed on the glans and penis coat (under) with silica gel as the material, can “increase, lengthen the penis,” more protuberant stimuli), protuberant stimuli of condoms and so on types of sex toys. Their role is to increase and strengthen the stimulation of the vagina, so that women are more likely to reach orgasm.