Use delay spray, let your love restore passion and excitement.

Husband and wife sex if less original passion and excitement will make sex become more boring, so that the two sides can not afford to mention more. Sometimes even affect the feelings between husband and wife, if you feel that their sex life has not been able to find the climax and excitement? Maybe you should try delay spray.

First, relax
Ready to use delay spray. First of all, you have to understand your body, let yourself calm down, do not have to make up your mind to reach orgasm, you just relax, and take some time to carefully observe their body.
Choose a time when you can do it in private, and at a time when you are completely relaxed, such as when you go to bed at night, or when you take a bath in the bathroom.

Second, fantasy sex space
Remember what I said about sexual arousal, which is both physical and spiritual, and you have to develop your emotions. For example, some romantic reveries of love story, or fantasies and make you crazy singer or actor. Lie down and close your eyes and meditate. This kind of fantasy can relax your body and is a wonderful way to excite you. Even when you have sex with your partner, you can use this method, it is not to deceive each other, it can not be said to be unfair to him, but in the sex of a special imagination. This time can come up with the delay spray.

Then, use delay spray
In this intimate moment, do not idle hands, fingers can not touch the light light, turn around, press the finger tip, dig dig, import “means” be the most changeful, can be applied in all can imagine the sensitive zone to be developed and get on. At the same time, hug, arms, body touch the contact, also often makes the female hair up, Jiaochuan again and again, gently shaking the body.

In fact, women like romance, you can try to arrange the layout of the environment, the use of lighting and music to add a romantic atmosphere, so that women can be more easily aroused sexual desire. You can start from the music, lighting and other aspects, put some romantic love songs, can let the delay spray to play a greater effectiveness.